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Winner: Clarisse
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3d place: Kiddo
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas 2012 Pose Contest at Poses Realm - Creative Garden

You can read all the details about rules and requirement at the PR-CG group on Facebook.

For this contest they require to see two poses. It can be a couple, a parent with a child, two children, two friends, ... let your imagination be! It could be two aliens discovering Christmas seriously!

Basically if you want to join, you need to send 3 pictures to either Yuki or Kilhian.
If for some reason you do not have a Facebook account you can still comment here and they will try to find another way, as long as you get me those pictures.

They need 2 pictures showing both your poses under every angle, and a clear shot of the face if needed.
Here is the first pose Kilhian made as an example:

Second picture:

And finally the third picture is an ingame screenshot with a Christmas setup:

Join them for the fun and challenge yourself! Prizes include being featured on this blog.
They posted a lot of Christmas related pictures in the contest folder if you need some inspiration.

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