Winners of the 2d pose contest at Poses Realm - Creative Garden

Winner: Clarisse
Can be found: Facebook & Blogspot
3d place: Kiddo
Congratulations from the MS3P Team



 Because there are now so many pose makers, it is probably going to take us a while
to manage to update this page and be able to keep up with everyone, but we will try our best.
Hopefully soon enough we will feature all available poses from the community.

We assume that you know how to use cmomoney's pose player.

As a note, I would like to add that teenagers can use any adult pose, but as some were more
suited for them (such as the ones related to school and cheerleading) we decided to create
a label for those.

Some of the packs we posted first are probably 'missing' a lot of labels that we created later.
Feel free to leave a comment if you would like us to add some, as long as you do so politely
we will be glad to oblige.

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