Winners of the 2d pose contest at Poses Realm - Creative Garden

Winner: Clarisse
Can be found: Facebook & Blogspot
3d place: Kiddo
Congratulations from the MS3P Team


If you wish your poses to be published here

It is entirely up to you how you make your poses as long as you keep them to yourself and your own game, but when you share them with others you should know you can harm their game (even just longer loading time because of conflicts is already annoying).
We chose to publish beginners to help them get noticed, because we assume they will keep improving the quality of their poses. But there are enough tutorials out there for everyone to know this:

- Make sure you use EA's naming convention:
A is for Adult and their poses start with a_
T is for Teenager (but they use adult animations so unused for poses), their poses start with a_
C is for Child, their poses start with c_
P is for Toddler, their poses start with p_
B is for Baby (there is an animation but doesn't seem to work with poses)
CC hair by Peggy or Newsea is a good exemple of it.

- Use unique pose name
Including your creator name or initials is the easiest way. It avoids having two poses using the same code, they will conflict.


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