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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's make things clear about what 'unique name' means

 I will not bother write a full explanation about it when Kilhian Branch posted a detailed one here. The group is open, anyone can read, and if you do not know about it then you SHOULD read. The person she was talking about was Jassi indeed, she wasn't named at that time because she hadn't been told yet.

You are right WhiteCrow, she doesn't have to 'fix' her poses NAMES if she doesn't want to. But people have the right to know that it can mess up their games. Neither Kilhian or myself said anything about the quality of her poses, that I could understand that it would upset her. Now if your own creations were actually causing troubles in game because you did something wrong, would you rather be told or keep creating and harm people's games? And if you are told, would you try to fix this or go cry saying how unfair the person is for showing you something you are doing wrong?

Now is OrangeMitten's tutorial good enough for you? Step 4:

4. Enter the name you want for your new pose in the New CLIP name line of the popup box and click Save. Navigate to your working folder and save the CLIP there. 
NOTE: In order for your pose to work correctly for you and others you must name your pose beginning with "a_". After that you can name as you like. But if the a_ is not at the beginning of your pose name the tool hash will not be correct and the pose will not play correctly in your game. 
 NOTE: remember to make the name of your pose unique. If it is not it could cause a conflict. Often people use their creator name as part of the pose name to help keep things unique. If you do this, make sure the rest of the name is not the same as that of another pose you've created.

NO a pose name isn't unique when it is a_pose_1
Without even talking about a variety of other creators that may come up with a name that basic, she used this EXACT same code in the Show your body  and Sweetness pose packs, both times all the way from 1 to 7. She could have started the second pack at 8 at least, but no. She posts the codes right below the pictures, see for yourself.

I will not apologize for making her 'sad' or the fact that she was 'disturbed' by posting this in public.
Now this is me being rude: if she can't create properly maybe she shouldn't share her creations.
In her newest pose pack she added her name in the code, which was good enough to make it unique, so I did publish it. Do not make me regret it, I am not paid for it and do not have to check on her.

This was posted on the group later after the document by the other group owner:

Now you think about that, and if you are a good friend to Jassi then explain her so she knows why at least.


  1. Thank you! I am one of those that prefers the "old way" of typing these in because there are too many in my game now to try and wait on the list to load. I couldn't use poses from three different creators because of the lack of "unique names". Each of those creators USED THE EXACT POSE NAME. Typing in the code will make the sim pose sure enough but it might not be the pose you were looking for.

    Another issue I've noticed is that with the option to "only use list" most pose makers don't include the pose names and that sucks for us that prefer typing them in because you have to load the list and it may not even be on display. Apparently there is a limit per creator as to how many the pose player will display. So that means if you don't know the code you won't be able to access the pose AT ALL.

    I understand the amount of work that goes into making these things and I appreciate everyone who does them and share them. But I do have to agree if you're going to put something out in the sims community to share: PLEASE keep in mind that it will go into someone's game and do your best to make sure it doesn't blow something up!

    1. I also use the PBN, like you my list is way too long and takes forever to load. I have had hard time finding some of the codes, and there are some packs I have never found the code, not even after checking how they manually added the list. I have been tempted to extract the animation sometimes and rename them myself, to either fix a double name or make sure I know what to type, but that would take me some time and in most cases those poses are 'old', better ones have been done since.

      I agree, I can see it when I publish packs: a lot of creator actually do not write down in the post the code names, and do not add them to pictures either.

      And I couldn't have said that last part any better!

  2. I must say that You are right in many Points.
    And Thank You for taking a Statement to this.

    But, at least it would not be Your fault If Her Poses conflict with other Peoples Games.

    How many Poly's does Skysims Meshes have? I bet more then any NewSea, Cazy and Peggy Hair does have together. But nobody is attacking Joe or Sunset for posting them, if they make their Game explode.

    So You shouldn't feel bad either about.

    At least we are one (non-pirate related) Community, and We should stick together.

    1. I just wanted things to be clear so that this wouldn't go any further than it has to. I do not have anything against her poses themselves.
      And you are right, like I replied to Daijahv just before you I have sometimes had to post pose packs where there is no code indicated anywhere, and even when you download it sometimes you cannot find it. I do not have time to download every pack created just to test them, just publishing them is already taking a lot of my time, but I like it in general.

      Yes, we should all stick together, maybe then the community would be better, but hopefully we will get there one day.


  3. The strange thing is that some poses that don't have "a_" at the beginning can still work. I have downloaded custom poses that you only need to enter "ghost_11" for example, and the pose will work. I also have poses that begin with "a_", for children, and they also work.

    The rest, however, is undeniable that you cannot look over, especially in unique names. That's why I cringe when I see people using things like "a_malepose1" ... They run the risk of conflicting names in the future.

    It's not that hard to add your username like "a_mura_malepose1". This helps in remembering that said pose is by that creator as well. Just adding the creator name can easily make it "unique."

    1. I think I have some of those poses in my game, where the PBN doesn't include the prefix. I have kept them mostly because I like using them, but I am really thinking about taking them away when I start my game and I randomly see my pet getting distorted as if taking an adult pose without me trying to even pose them. As for the use of the 'a_' for children or toddler, I wonder how it is so hard to remember. They are able to find the rig and the animation, right?

      Using the creator name as part of the code is indeed the easiest way to make it unique. You can be lacking total imagination after, as long as you do not use the same name twice. Hopefully this will happen less, there are a lot of new pose makers nowadays, which is not a bad thing in itself, but most should remember that quality is better than quantity.

  4. HI it was also suggested to me that i should use a unique name for my poses of which i have now done and i can understand the reasons for this of which is why i have done as you suggested


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