Winners of the 2d pose contest at Poses Realm - Creative Garden

Winner: Clarisse
Can be found: Facebook & Blogspot
3d place: Kiddo
Congratulations from the MS3P Team

Friday, December 7, 2012


 We haven't published any pose packs in those last days as we were trying to come to a decision.
Until now we have been publishing any pose pack, regardless of the quality of the pose itself, and we probably will keep doing so as we wish to see those people try to get better.

Regarding this we are now partners with the Sims 3 Group on Facebook: Poses Realm - Creative Garden. Anyone is free to join the group, but we strongly suggest it to pose making beginners. More advanced creators might still learn from it or be interested in joining contests. We agreed to feature the winners poses for a month (or until next winner) along with links to their page and story if there is.

 We decided that we will no longer publish poses that can 'harm' players game. Meaning poses that have not been named properly will see their published posts be returned to draft for a while to give a chance to the creator to correct them.

 We are now resuming publishing.
Happy simming!


  1. Jasi Chelsea Moon has been completely unpublished and she told Kilhian Branch she would not fix the poses as she doesn't have them anymore.
    If future poses are named correctly we will publish them again, but until then we suggest you remove any of her poses if you had some.

    1. lol^

      She don't need to fix Her Poses if She don't want to.
      Every Creator is unique in Their own Way.

      You don't have to post Her Stuff if You can't handle with that.
      I bet nobody had ever complained about Her Creations, it's rude how You Guys pick on One Creator and write Comments like These about them on Your Page. Just don't post their Stuff.

      She posted this also on Facebook and I CAN TELL YOU that she was totally SAD and DISTURBED.

      I hope You'll think about that.

    2. Reply has been posted here:

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