Winners of the 2d pose contest at Poses Realm - Creative Garden

Winner: Clarisse
Can be found: Facebook & Blogspot
3d place: Kiddo
Congratulations from the MS3P Team

Monday, February 11, 2013

MS3P Team is back

We apologize, our break was longer than we first intended it to be.

 We will start by posting the poses that have been left to our attention on the contact page before checking our blogs list, and it might take us some time to get up to date once more, but we will try our best to find the time.
If you have left a message with a question we will try to reply shortly, depending if we have an answer, so don't forget to take a look. If you have forgotten we will try to post a link to replied inquieries on this post, which you can access easily using the 'Update' category in the menu.

 As agreed with the Poses Realm - Creative Garden group on Facebook, the contest winner will be promoted for a month, or until the winner of the next contest will be announced. You will find it just above normal posts, if you do not know about him you should take a look at his poses, they are very promising.

 Thank you everyone for the support, and happy simming!


  1. Thank you Jill C Budny for reporting a broken link on Lil Foal Pose Pack for Your Sim Foals by OrangeMittens, it has been fixed.

  2. Cloudwalker Sims - Your 3 last pose packs have been published

  3. Dru - We are sorry to learn that Bethylish's tumblr now needs a password. I am almost sure I saw her poses some other place to download, I will try to find it and will update the post.

  4. Kihaad - We would love to add a link to your italian tutorial, however it seems it's been deleted since? Let us know if you share it again

  5. Mura - Thank you very much for following and supporting us! <3

  6. Roan - Sadly we do not know the password either and only know of one pose close to those

  7. Coco Akyaa - Comment posted about your pose, and your 3 packs are being published. Just make sure to keep your pose names unique in the future :)

  8. Anonyme - A propos de la baignoire j'ai une théorie que je veux tester, j'essaierai de le faire bientôt pour rajouter si ça marche ou pas.

  9. Anonymous - About Stefizzi poses, I assumed it was the pose by name code you needed. I downloaded the pose and they were correctly made so I found them (it's not always possible if the creator gives random names entering details).


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